Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am jamming out to Crooked Still at the moment....well not really jamming, more like intently listening. I spent about an hour listening to a couple of their songs today and singing along; it was great....Ok well house sitting is going well. The other night I watched Julie and Julia, about the two cooks. And one of the girls blogged about her cooking. Her blog took off so much that she was getting calls to be on T.V., to write a book, to make a movie. It was based on a true story too. I just thought it was cool how her blog became really really poplar and started her off on a career. You never know, you know?

Today I began practicing purfling. We use three different tools for this. A purfling marker, pick, and a knife grounded specifically for this process. There are always stories Brian tells us about when he was in school at Chicago, like when it was time for him to start his purfling he just did it with a regular knife. No one told him you made a new knife for purfling, which doesn't seem like a big deal, but let's see you try it. Ya but he said all the students came over to him and were asking what he was doing. He wasn't told a lot of things when he was going to school that he fills us in about. It sounds like we have it easy compared to "back in the day".

Ok so Monday I brought my violin in to school to glue the upper seem together and Brian told me all the things that could/should be done to my violin. And guess what Allen you were right. I need a new bridge. It wasn't that I didn't believe you....I guess I am a little finicky about working on it. I guess I will have to wait a while longer to do it myself. I also continued finishing my outline on the violin I am building.
Tuesday I worked on making a handle for my purfling knife and grinded some on my purfling marker.
Wednesday, I finished grinding and honing the blades for the marker and learned how to install them properly. I also finished my handle, which I was informed took too long. I take too long often. Haha....
Today, I started practicing purfling on scrap wood. Doing straight lines wasn't too bad. The curves are another story. You want the channel about 1.7mm deep. The second try I got my channel as deep as 4mm or close to that. I was told I had made the grand canyon literally :P  whupps.....

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