Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good times

Okay all you excited onlookers! I am now working on purfling my beautiful and unique violin. All I have to say is SHIM! This is when, because of cutting the channel for the purfling too wide, you have to fill it with wood shavings, otherwise there will be gaps between the instrument and purfling. I have also been creating the wonderful bee stings. And it is said Strad took the easy way out and created his bee stings with black soot, not messing with actually cutting the purfling that way.

Friday is our final, which will consist of a written test over the Stradivari book we have been reading written by the Hill brothers. Next semester we will read about Guarneri.

Man I am excited to come home for Christmas. I feel like I need to make a list of all the people I need to see and things to do...Shelby is flying here this weekend and we will fly back to KC Wednesday. Shopping this weekend! Gifts, gifts, gifts, luckily if it all works out, I will be making most of mine. Something that made me happy today was getting up extra early and working on my Christmas cards. It has been lots of fun making them. Let's see what else has been going on.....not much. Happy Holidays Everyone. And now I'm off to work on gifts at the art center!

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