Sunday, June 3, 2012

Times are Always changin'

Got the feeling I should write again, especially since I have moved once again and I know some people who want to know how things are going so.....things are good. I'm in Nashville now, working at a fiddle shop :-) I have lots to learn but am up to the challenge.
I ended my school year at the New World School on a pretty good note I think. I was working on my last scroll for my third fiddle body. Oh! Something else that's pretty exciting is I am going to be a guest artist at the Wisconsin Northwoods Art tour this fall. I will be at Your Arts Program gallery thanks to Frances. I am still preparing for it and hope to have some interesting things to show.

Scrolls: As my introduction, Brian talked about how there is asymmetry in sculptures and people and how this is often appreciated, so a little asymmetry in my scroll is okay. First time I've heard that! Up til now we've tried getting everything as symmetrical as possible, a little bit of a nice relief this was. Then I began making 5 basic shapes of scroll scrapers, learned how to orientate the scroll blank, and so on and so on. . . I learned how to cut out the rough shape of the scroll using a bow saw and then the bandsaw. Once again when taking the scroll down to the scribed line, squareness is important. I saw, then gouge when working on the turns of the scroll. And I was introduced to the sanding stick which is helpful  in the pegbox.

Nashville: I started work in the shop Thursday and worked on violins most of the day. Friday I worked up front getting familiar with all their stuff and got to play some pretty cool fiddles :) Looks like I will be working wherever they need me. Dave's son is also going to start working, he is just about to go into high school.