Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Continuation of Something Great ;)

My bridge is done! The next thing I had to do after block planing the taper was work on the feet. It reminded me of working on the bass bar. It has to fit just right! Then we worked on the top and getting the string height correct; oh and string spacing, first establishing the correct positon of the G and E strings. After it was done, we put some varnish on it to keep it nice. I got to play with the new bridge on this weekend....oh and I took all of the fine tuners off except the E. My tailpiece is about 30gs lighter now, ha. Working on my bridge, I had to keep up with my school work also which meant not eating much of a lunch last week. But hey, you give and take.
I am still working on my Strad and Amati model violins. I am finishing my blocks to get ready to bend the rest of the ribs, which means I have been making the C-bout ribs and corner blocks come to a nice point. Ah this fiddle already is looking good. I didn't mess up on the corners like my first fiddle. It looks much more normal and elegant than my first.