Sunday, January 16, 2011

F- Holes. . .

Yes recently I finished cutting out my f-holes, a very enjoyable process as long as you put out of your mind messing up....I went through the whole, arduous process of f-hole placement, mensur being brought up again and driven into our brains as a ratio. More specifically of neck to stop length; the ratio being 2:3.Knowing this and knowing that the stop length is 19.5cm; we are able to deduce the neck length which is then 13cm. Love the math! To make sure the f-holes were carved wide enough to fit a sound post we used a sort of sound post dummy that is 7mm wide. We were also told the different distances between the upper eyes for different makers: that of Strad being 41mm, Amati being 40mm, and Brian's teacher and Guarneri being 42mm, which is what we are using. 
So after penciling out my f-holes, I was told they have character. Take that as you wish. My whole instrument is full of character :)  For sawing out the f-holes before knifing we use a deep throated fret saw, drilling holes first to insert the blade. The next big step for me is making the bass bar. The very last thing I did on Friday was the fluting on the f-holes.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back at it again. Break was wonderful, and I am already making plans for the next one in March. I have to say, getting back to school was nice. Right away I made another scraper for detail work on the instrument. Oh and I'm going to try to post some pictures of the fiddle either here or on facebook or both....My birthday is coming up on Saturday as some of you have already posted me Happy Birthday messages. Thank you...I am missing a great time this month at the Western Hills festival in Oklahoma. You guys better not have too much fun without me!

On Friday I finished putting a second coat of shellac on the f-hole knife handle. It is beautiful, might I add. This week was both really great and really frustrating, but I am learning lots of course.
I just called a lady about playing for an hour apiece on Friday and Saturday this week. It is a no-pay gig, but that's okay. I still can do my share of charity.