Sunday, January 16, 2011

F- Holes. . .

Yes recently I finished cutting out my f-holes, a very enjoyable process as long as you put out of your mind messing up....I went through the whole, arduous process of f-hole placement, mensur being brought up again and driven into our brains as a ratio. More specifically of neck to stop length; the ratio being 2:3.Knowing this and knowing that the stop length is 19.5cm; we are able to deduce the neck length which is then 13cm. Love the math! To make sure the f-holes were carved wide enough to fit a sound post we used a sort of sound post dummy that is 7mm wide. We were also told the different distances between the upper eyes for different makers: that of Strad being 41mm, Amati being 40mm, and Brian's teacher and Guarneri being 42mm, which is what we are using. 
So after penciling out my f-holes, I was told they have character. Take that as you wish. My whole instrument is full of character :)  For sawing out the f-holes before knifing we use a deep throated fret saw, drilling holes first to insert the blade. The next big step for me is making the bass bar. The very last thing I did on Friday was the fluting on the f-holes.

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