Friday, December 3, 2010

You know Brian was telling one of the students about when he was little. These are the stories I wish I had when I was little; maybe I just don't realize them yet....Anyways, he was saying he could remember when he was five years old he built a wooden ash tray. He said it felt like he spent hours on it. He would go in the basement to work on it and it took a couple days. He ended up giving it to his dad as a gift. He said from then on he knew he was going to be a wood worker....can kids really come to that realization??? That's amazing to me. I would like to find my niche.

Today I continued practicing purfling. Still working on those curves. I didn't want to show Brian my first try, but he told me, believe it or not, he has seen much worse. Haha that was a little uplifting I guess.

House sitting is soon coming to an end. It was nice.....oh I think I should get snow tires.


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