Friday, December 12, 2014

Journal entry

Sept. 12, Day three, Friday

We left the cabin last night with the gear we wanted to take on pack frames. We slept at Mashkodens and at least had a roof above our heads. It is quite cold this morning. Everyone is wearing almost all their clothes. We now come up with names spontaneously for each other. It is part of letting go of our egos and titles. We call each other something we see within. The guys have started doing this, us girls not yet.

Abel, our guide, talked about not talking about the past. We are living for the now. We were told we would eat this morning and he'd be here around dawn, but we've been up at least a mealtime and no visit yet. Some people are eating crab apples we found yesterday.

I feel the school is not very well organized. People come and go and do as they please.

We have fire! Thanks to the boys.

We are also coming up with new ways to describe time and how long things take. It is not today but this sun, next sun, etc.

We will learn how to use our tarps today as shelter with no ropes, only with what we can find (tree branches/logs).

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