Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nashville visit

So my last blog was right around's been awhile and as a result much has happened since. I have completed the bodies of fiddle two and three, the Amati and Strad models. And I have just started working on my first scroll. I was able to get some really nice custom built gouges that I am looking forward to use.
I also just got back from spring break in Nashville and boy was it great! Nashville Violins has been pursuing me to work in their shop, so when I went to Nashville this week I got to meet the owner and check out the shop. It 's a nice place. I'm thinking the profession I'm in allows me to get to know some good, down to earth people quite easily. So I had a good time in Nashville, checked out the city some, got to see some sights like the Art museum and the outside of the Grand Ole Opry and walked down Broadway to take in some music. My impression of Nashville so far is....well, people have a certain perception or expectation of it and it often is very different than you might have thought, especially after living there. But this is just a theory. Honestly, it's just another city. The difference is it has a big name.
It would be great if I could finish my three scrolls before school is done for the semester, but I don't know how realistic that is really. We will see. Anyway, I've been having a great time. Until next time.

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