Friday, November 25, 2011

To Be Is To Do, To Do Is To Be, and Do Be Do Be Do

I am now working on purfling for my second and third instruments. Before Thanksgiving break, which I am oh so thankful for, I finished grinding a blank to make my purfling pick and picked out part of the channel I cut. I felt it was a bit rough but Brian reassured me I was doing just fine. I just feel like I should be a lot better having done it before.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving and Shawn and I went to two Thanksgiving meals. It's pretty safe to say I didn't feel like getting out of bed today and when I did, my roommate had cooked up a small turkey and made a belated Thanksgiving feast for herself and was happy to share. Wow, I have never eatin' so hardy in my life (and felt so sleepy and lazy). But here I am, the day after Thanksgiving, feeling like getting back to motion and getting some things done. Next weekend is busy busy. I have two functions I will be playing for. One is playing with an orchestra that is backing up a choir for their winter show and the other is to be background music for the Festival of Trees held every year in Manitowish Waters. That is the one I am not feeling very comfortable with.
That's about all for now folks! And like the characters in SAW would say....."cherish life". . . .and that I feel I do.  :-)

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