Friday, November 12, 2010

Be Well

Boy do I feel better after ordering more tools. I feel like I'm keeping up, which could normally be a bad thing. One thing my roommate mentioned after making a hefty purchase on scroll gouges is after spending that much money, you feel like you can't quit building, you are stuck. I feel that too sometimes.....but wow what a week! It went by so fast. Yesterday I spent all day scraping. Can you imagine...7 hours of scraping. That is how a lot of the process is right now. Somewhat slow and precarious. The other students are all a little ahead of me, but I keep plowing along. Which reminds me....snow is in the forcast and my wardrobe isn't quite cut out for -40 weather, but I guess I can't do much else than take it as it comes.

We did some technical drawing today of our violins which went better than the first time, but I still got aggravated because I can't see what the drawing needs to look like. It seems like the teacher is sooo picky, but that's not really it. He has a good eye.

I have found a band I am getting interested in Crooked Still out of Boston, Massachusetts. There's some good and haunting music for ya.....anyways getting late/early. Be well.

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